Our Process

We have a clearly defined financial planning process with five key steps.

1. Discovery: During our first consultation, our primary objective is to become familiar with your life and discover what is important to you, financially and personally. We take those ideas and formulate distinct goals, identifying what you want to accomplish with your money.

2. Analysis: After developing specific goals, we analyze your current financial situation, including evaluating your total wealth and investment history. Our thorough overview of your finances allows us to more accurately plan for your financial well-being.

3. Development: Once we finish analyzing your personal financial situation, we compile the information gathered and compare it with your goals. The components of your customized comprehensive plan are chosen based on our findings. Each plan is individually suited to the client, for each client has a different set of circumstances concerning the creation of their plan.

4. Implementation: We meet with you to discuss your completed financial plan. We explain everything in an easy to understand manner, so you know how your money is working for you. We implement this plan and coordinate the process with you, our team, and your other trusted professionals.

5. Monitoring: We continually monitor your plan and review it regularly to help keep your mind at ease. Changes are suggested as appropriate and we will work with you to revise the plan as your goals change.

karl_0000_5 Step Process Graphic 2